Tuesday, September 25, 2007


[two bikers on the subway.]

I did something very new to me today. I’ve been lately worried about the state of my computer.

Isn’t it new?

Yes, and nothing’s broken yet, but it’s slower than you’d expect a new computer to be. So when I opened iTunes after deciding to download and watch a show, I closed Firefox.

What else was open?

Nothing. Just iTunes. Isn’t that weird?

Wow. You’re talking about verticality and straification.

Yeah. Applications that aren’t about the internet anymore, they’re about the information you’re looking for.

That’s right. All these programs are coming into being that are going to totally negate search engines, because they pull, alter, and create a fixed scope of ideas much more quickly and efficiently, depending that you’re looking for something within that fixed scope.

So anarchists like search engines and hate iTunes and Google Earth.

That would be a reasonable hunch.