Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mostly terror.

Read these two articles with each other. Their suppositions comingle in a very unsettling way. One. Two.

This is a story that must be followed. Absolutely brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

Terror... indeed.

I'm not sure I can add much by responding to the first two articles. The former I have read in various permutations from different sources, though that was perhaps the most comprehensive article. The latter was a bit of a different approach to world politics than I have read recently. Both, however, walk the line between making incisive statements and making dangerous attempts to "expose" or "reveal" what sounds dangerously like assumption.

I definitely found the health care article intriguing, though, and Wyden's plan sounds like one that must be followed... I'm curious who the key supporters are at the moment and whether this plan has any chance in hell of passing.

Anyhow, although I didn't really have much to "add" to the discussion these articles inspire, thanks for posting them.